As of June 27, 2018, every contractor on Saskatoon Land’s Eligible Contractor list is required to complete mandatory training and safety education.  All new probationary applications must complete at least one of the mandatory training courses or the safety course before being allowed to purchase their first lot.

Many of Saskatoon Land’s lots are sold directly to home builders. To encourage safety, quality and lasting value for investors and families, Saskatoon Land requires all home builders to meet the specific criteria, including:

  • Be approved as a probationary or eligible contractor with Saskatoon Land.
  • Be a home builder involved in constructing complete homes for sale.
  • Be incorporated in the Province of Saskatchewan.
  • Be a member of one of the recognized third party home warranty programs in Saskatchewan.
  • Have completed the mandatory training and safety courses.

The mandatory training helps ensure home builders meet a standard in business management and new home construction knowledge, and are committed to constructing quality homes in Saskatoon Land developments. Together, these criteria encourage a high level of professionalism in the residential home building industry, providing home buyers with an excellent choice of home builders.

While other equivalent courses may be approved by Saskatoon Land, the following seven courses provided by the SRHBA have been pre-approved by Saskatoon Land to meet the eligible contractor criteria.

The 8 required courses include:

  • 101. Building Codes
  • 102. Construction Technology
  • 103. Customer Service
  • 104. Legal Issues in Housing
  • 105. Communications
  • 106. Financial Planning & Management
  • 107. Project Management & Supervision
  • Safety Training (Safety training is not provided through SRHBA)

*New Probationary Applicants must complete at least one in order to purchase their first lot

Detailed Course Information