Course Offerings - Saskatoon & Region Home Builders' Association

Course Offerings

*Note: Courses previously hosted by Thinkific are now hosted on our new learning platform hosted by the PHBI. Contact an Association staff member if you need assistance accessing the courses, or to obtain the discount code for the member rate.


The Saskatoon & Region Home Builders’ Association offers 11 online education courses. These courses form, in part or in whole, the required education component of the two mandatory Professional Designations for builders and renovators:

  • Certified Professional Home Builder Designation
  • Certified Professional RenoMark Renovator Designation

Prospective builder and renovator members of the Association must complete the first 4 courses before their application will be considered.

The Association is also an approved education provider for the City of Saskatoon Land Branch’s Eligible Contractor program.

Course Requirements

Saskatoon Land Eligible Contractor Program

101. Building Codes a a a
102. Construction Technology a a a
103. Customer Service a a a
104. Legal Issues in Housing a a a
105. Communications a a
106. Financial Planning & Management a a a
107. Project Management & Supervision a a a
108. Business Planning and Management a
109. Human Resources Planning and Management a
110. Marketing and Sales a
111. Business Fundamentals for the Home Renovator a

Detailed Course Descriptions

101. Building Codes

In this module, you will learn what the purpose and structure of a building code is.  You will learn how they are developed, and how and when they need to be adopted and implemented. You will also learn about administering the code and about the approval process for new changes made to the code.  An overview of Part 9 of the Building Code is also presented, as well as new building code and technical changes.

102. Construction Technology

In this module, you will learn about the house as a system concept, as well as about building science and innovations.  You will also learn about indoor air quality management, and sustainable development practices.  Building envelope specifics, mechanical systems, and engineered building products will also be covered.

103. Customer Service

This module will cover excellence in customer service – including how to create a professional image.  You will learn about customer behavior and expectations, and how to create customer satisfaction.  You will go through the steps of processing a sale, and how to establish expectations and create an appropriate atmosphere.  You will learn how to achieve excellence in customer service during your construction project and how to handle difficult situations as they arise.  You will gain an understanding of having an effective customer service strategy and how to implement one in your business.

104. Legal Issues in Housing

This module will cover the legal requirements of contracts, as well as the various types of contracts.  It will go over warranties and consumer protection legislation.  You will learn about the land registry system as well as the Builders’ Lien Act.  You will cover builder liability during a construction build, as well as dispute resolution practices. Insurance, Privacy, and Employment law will all be covered as well.

105. Communications

In this module, you will learn about the various methods of communication and how to overcome barriers in communicating as they arise.  You will learn about effective communication skills when speaking, and the principles of assertiveness in communication. This module also covers how to shift the communication by asking the right questions in the correct way for the situation.  It also deals with conflict and negotiation and how to effectively communicate your message.

106. Financial Planning & Management

In this module, you will learn the elements and purpose of a business plan, and what factors determine an effective financial plan.  You will learn about financial management practices and requirements as well as financial performance measures, financing, cost controls, and purchase order systems.

107. Project Management & Supervision

This module will cover project planning including contractors, tendering, scheduling, and development regulations.  It will also cover project supervision such as material and labour acquisition, construction processes, and reporting requirements.  Client relations will also be covered in this module.

108. Business Planning & Management

In this module, you will get an overview of what a business plan is, including how to create a vision, objectives, and goals.  You will learn about how to create a financial plan, marketing plan, human resources plan, and operating plan that all coincide with your overall business plan.

109. HR Planning & Management

In this module, you will learn about human resources management practices such as identifying job functions and competencies, skills assessment and recruitment, and training and professional development. You will also learn about employee legislations, salary and benefits administration, and performance evaluations.  Leadership, delegation, and discipline are also all topics covered.

110. Marketing & Sales

In this module, you will get an overview of marketing including budgets, planning, implementation, and promotion.  You will learn about market research and assessment, as well as product pricing and development.  You will learn the key elements of a promotional plan and how to develop your corporate identity.  You will also learn about advertising and public relations, and how to monitor and evaluate your marketing strategy.  Selling practices, sales training and tools, and how to develop referrals are also covered.

111. Business Funadmentals for the Home Renovator

Build your home renovation skill set and learn how to start, grow, and maintain your own home renovation business. You’ll discover home design, estimation, and building techniques, as well as business and management fundamentals needed to succeed in the home renovation industry.