Board of Directors Committees

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Executive Committee

Mandate: Meets when the need arrises between Board meetings. Also acts as Recruitment Committee as per bylaws.
Membership: Chair, 1st VC, 2nd CV, Past Chair in 2-year terms.


Cam Skoropat (Chair)
Lexis Homes

Andrew Williams (1st Vice Chair)
North Prairie Developments

Wanda Hunchak (2nd Vice Chair)
Hunchak Homes

Chris Guérette



Building Industry Liaison Committee (BIL)

Mandate: Represents Builder and Renovator embers to address issues directly related to the home building industry with civic administration, elected municipal officials and industry stakeholders within the Greater Saskatoon Region. Builder Sub-Group and the Renovator Sub-Group are advisory groups to the BIL.

Membership: One Builder appointed by the Board to act as Chair, CEO and supporting SRHBA team members where required, no fewer than three and no more than five Builder or Renovator Members, and up to two general members representing professional or technical experience in residential construction.



Conrad Ehr (Chair, Builder)
Ehrenburg Homes

Ryan Rogal (Urban Planning)
Catterall & Wright

Keith Hanson (Technical)
Sun Ridge Residential

Brad Zurevinski (Land Developer)
Dream Development

Kal Hourd (Builder)
Montana Homes

Chris Guérette


Membership Committee

Mandate: Links between the Board of Directors and the Membership in order to:

  • Keep the BOD informed of current membership issues, maintain open and transparent lines of communication between the BOD and membership;
  • Communicate the values and objectives of the association to the membership. Provide regular updates to the BOD membership statistics;
  • Update the BOD on relevant information with respect to new members, existing members and membership revenues, including collections and overdue fees payable;
  • Provide the BOD with recommendations on the acceptance of new members applications. Determine the method of receiving new members.

Membership: One member of the Board of Directors and up to five members plus current Association Government Relations & Member Engagement Manager.


Michael Shaw (Chair)
Centennial Kitchen & Bath

Evan Drisner (Supplier)
Nu-Fab Building Products

Daryl Shannon (Builder)
Delonix Homes

Jeff Espeleta (Builder)
EVCO Developments

Nick Sackville
SRHBA Government Relations & Member Engagement Manager

Audit & Finance Commmittee

Mandate: Monitoring the accounting and financial reporting processs of the Association. Acts as the BOD’s liaison with external auditors. Reviews the financial statements of the corporation before the statements are approve by the BOD.

Membership: No less than three directors of the corporation, a majority of whom are not officers nor employees of the corporation or any of its affiliates. May also include at the discretion of the Board, the Association employee responsible for the accounting and financial management and daily operation of the Association.


Wanda Hunchak (Committee Chair)
Hunchak Homes

Ronn Lepage (Director)
Vereco Homes

Cam Skoropat (SRHBA Chair)
Lexis Homes

David Calyniuk (Past Chair)
North Ridge Development Corporation

Alison Grieman
SRHBA Director of Finance & Administration

Complaints Committee

Mandate: Consider/investigate complaints from members or the general public concerning alleged improper conduct of members; of its own motion, or at the request of the Executive Committee or BOD, to consider and/or investigate any allegation; refer matters to the Ethics Committee in accordance with this Code; provide notice to the member concerned, in accordance with this Code; and to do such further and other acts as are required by this Code or as are necessary or incidental to the powers set up in the points mentioned above. Full details of the committee is in section 12 of the Association bylaws.

Membership: Three members, with one member to be designated by the BOD as Chair.


Clayton Barry (Chair)
McDougall Gauley LLP

Michael Shaw
Centennial Kitchen & Bath

Ron Olson
Boychuk Construction

Chris Guérette

Ethics Committee

Mandate: Conduct meetings in accordance with this Code; make a decision as to whther a members has engaged in improper conduct, and to impose disciplinary action; and to do such further and other acts as are required by this Code or as are necessary or incidentail to the powers set up in the points mentioned above. Full details of the committee is in section 12 of the Assocation bylaws.

Membership: Shall be compoased of at least five members, with at least one members from each of the membership categories listed in the bylaws (Builder, Renovator, Community Partner, Honorary). No current member of the Complaints Committee shall also be a member of this Committee.


Regan Tameling
Westridge Homes

Karen Smith
Better Business Bureau

Glenn Silliphant
Honorary Member

Chris Guérette

CHBA Committees & Councils


Executive Officers’ Council (EOC)

The Executive Officers’ Council helps CEO’s share their knowledge and experience and provides a forum for professional development.

Chris Guérette, SRHBA CEO who is also the Treasurer of EOC

Professional Development Committee (PDC)

The residential construction industry’s forum to address: skilled labour force development; professionalization of the residential construction industry; course development and delivery; workplace health and safety.

Errol Fisher, North Ridge Development, SRHBA

National Marketing Committee (NMC)

The NMC concentrates its efforts in four key areas:

  • Providing a gathering point for market insight and consumer research that can help members develop sound marketing plans.
  • Examining builder “good practices” and innovations in marketing through case studies.
  • Offering a forum for discussion on successful builder marketing initiatives and trends.
  • Informing individual new home builders and renovators on how to increase their company’s effectiveness with customers throughout the buying and building processes.

Urban Council

Focuses on urban issues affecting residential development across Canada for the 15 largest CMAs in the country (Saskatoon being one of them). Advocating priority local infrastructure investment; combating increased development-related taxes, fees, levies and charges; and promoting the role of housing affordability and choice in increasing community prosperity. Acts as a resource to all local and provincial associations on these issues. Seeks a coordinated approach to intergovernmental representation at national, provincial and local levels.

Canadian Renovators’ Council (CRC)

The Council includes renovator representatives from each provincial association and other industry participants. The Council oversees the CHBA’s renovation-oriented activities aimed at providing useful information to renovator members, educating consumers  and influencing government policy.

Economic Research Committee (ERC)

The ERC is the key forum for the exchange of economic information on the housing industry and its impact on Canada’s economy. Specifically, the ERC acts on behalf of the Association in assessing and reporting to Association Members on short, medium and long-term economic factors which affect the business environment of firms operating in the residential construction industry.

Net Zero Energy Housing Council (NZE)

The mandate of this self-funding ad-hoc Council is to deliver services that will support members’ voluntary adoption of Net Zero Energy housing

Ronn Lepage, Vereco Homes, SRHBA

Errol Fisher, North Ridge Development, SRHBA

Technical Research Council (TRC)

The Association’s forum for all things related to building code, standards and regulations affecting how homes are constructed.  TRC monitors and provides industry input into code and standard development. TRC also works to identify technical problems being experienced by the industry, to achieve consensus on their priority, to mobilize private and public R&D resources to resolve these problems and to communicate solutions to members.

Alex Miller, Innovative Residential, SRHBA