Board of Directors Committees

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Executive Committee

Mandate: Meets when the need arises between Board meetings. Also acts as Recruitment Committee as per bylaws.

Membership: Chair, 1st Vice Chair, 2nd Vice Chair, 2-year terms. Past Chair, 1-year term (at the bequest of the Chair)


Conrad Ehr (Chair)
Ehrenburg Homes

Andrew Wagner (1st VC)
Maison Design & Build

Wanda Hunchak (2nd VC)
Hunchak Homes

Building Industry Liaison Committee (BIL)

Mandate: Represents certified builder and certified renovators to address issues directly related to the home building industry with civic administration, elected municipal officials and industry stakeholders within the Greater Saskatoon Region. Certified Builder Group and the Certified Renovator Group are advisory groups to the BIL.

Membership: One Builder appointed by the Board to act as Chair, CEO and supporting staff where required, no fewer than three and no more than five Builder or Renovator Members, and up to two general members representing professional or technical experience in residential construction



Brad Zurevinski (Land Developer)
Dream Development

Totie Daplas (Builder)
North Prairie Dev.

Keith Hanson (Technical)
Sun Ridge Residential

Jennifer Shire (Technical)
Custom Foundations

Ryan Rogal (Technical)
Catterall & Wright

Audit & Finance Commmittee (AFC)

Mandate: Monitoring the accounting and financial reporting process of the Association. Acts as the BOD’s liaison with external auditors. Reviews the financial statements of the corporation before the statements are approve by the BOD.

Membership: : No less than three directors of the corporation, a majority of whom are not officers nor employees of the corporation or any of its affiliates. May also include at the discretion of the Board, the Association employee responsible for the accounting and financial management and daily operation of the Association.


Wanda Hunchak (Chair)
Hunchak Homes

Andrew Wagner (1st VC)
Maison Design & Build

David Calyniuk
DCAL Developments

Jennifer Shire
Custom Foundations

Complaints Committee

Mandate: Consider/investigate complaints from members or the general public concerning alleged improper conduct of members; of its own motion, or at the request of the Executive Committee or BOD, to consider and/or investigate any allegation; refer matters to the Ethics Committee in accordance with this Code; provide notice to the member concerned, in accordance with this Code; and to do such further and other acts as are required by this Code or as are necessary or incidental to the powers set up in the points mentioned above. Full details of the committee are in section 12 of the Association bylaws.

Membership: Three members, with one member to be designated by the BOD as Chair.


Clayton Barry (Chair)
McDougall Gauley LLP

Kumar Amit
Peakland Construction

Ron Olson
Boychuk Construction

Cam Skoropat
Lexis Homes

Ethics Committee

Mandate:  Conduct meetings in accordance with this Code; make a decision as to whether a member has engaged in improper conduct, and to impose disciplinary action; and to do such further and other acts as are required by this Code or as are necessary or incidental to the powers set up in the points mentioned above. Full details of the committee are in section 12 of the Association bylaws.

Membership: Shall be composed of at least five members, with at least one member from each of the membership categories listed in the bylaws (Builder, Renovator, Community Partner, Honorary). No current member of the Complaints Committee shall also be a member of this Committee.


Michael Shaw (Chair)
Centennial Kitchen & Bath

Karen Smith
Better Business Bureau of SK

Glenn Silliphant

Governance Committee

Mandate: To oversee corporate governance and ensure the Board has the necessary framework to make decisions in line with Association bylaws, policies, and core values within a solid decision-making framework. The Committee shall be charged with advisory functions and responsibilities as found in Policy GOV4.

Membership: The Chair of the Committee will be appointed by the Board of Directors. There will be no fewer than 2 and more than 5 Directors appointed by the Board of Directors. The CEO and/or supporting Association employees, where required. It would be beneficial for at least one member to have, to the extent feasible, background and experience in corporate governance, or work toward these competencies after appointment.


Christian Braid (Chair)
Braid Flooring & Window Fashions.

Andrew Wagner (1st VC)
Maison & Design

Nominating Committee

Mandate: To recruit potential members based on a Competencies’ Matrix approved by the Board, which provides a skills assessment of the current Board and summary of desired representation moving forward. This Committee is appointed at least one (1) month to the date of the annual meeting, and follows the requirements as stated in the bylaws, Section 7.01 and 7.02.

Membership: The Chair shall appoint the committee, which will consist of three members. The Board Chair shall designate the Chair of the committee and affirm the duties of the committee as outlined in Section 7.01 and 7.02 of the Bylaws.