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Certified Professional Home Builder

Improve your skills and show your clients that you are a professional by taking the Certified Professional Home Builder Program.

The Certified Professional Home Builder Program

The Saskatoon & Region Home Builders’ Association works to continually improve the professionalism of the residential construction industry and all its employees through ongoing training and education, and by providing certification of its members in the area of new home construction. The Certified Professional Home Builder Program is based on the National Education Benchmarks for Builders and Renovators as recommended by the Canadian Home Builders’ Association. All Builder Members of the Association must complete the complement of courses that meet the CHBA National Standards recommendations.

This certification also provides home building professionals with business and management skills that meet the industry’s demand and need for a higher standard. The final outcome will be a recognized Canadian Home Builders’ Association designation that gives Association members a highly competitive advantage in the market.

Certified Professional Home Builders must:

  • be a member in good standing of the Saskatoon & Region Home Builders’ Association for a period of not less than one year.
  • maintain a continuous complement of employees who have completed all eleven (11) of the required Certified Professional Home Builder Program courses.

The required courses include:

  • Building Codes
  • Construction Technology
  • Legal Issues in Housing
  • Customer Service
  • Financial Planning & Management
  • Project Management & Supervision
  • Communications
  • Project Management and Supervision
  • Business Planning and Management
  • Human Resources Planning and Management
  • Marketing and Sales
  • Safety Training
    • Safety training is not provided through SRHBA


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