27th Annual Housing Excellence Awards

Winner Graphics


Below you will find 3 different options for showing off your win in the 27th Annual Housing Excellence Awards –¬† a gold, a white, and a black graphic, all of which include the official logo of the Housing Excellence Awards – Saskatoon & Region, along with the phrase “2019 Winner.”

If you have been named a winner, congratulations!¬†Please feel free to use this graphic on social media, your website anywhere you want to show off your accomplishment in reaching it to the finalist stage of this year’s Awards. They are transparent (have no backgrounds) so they’re designed to be able to overlay on top of another image if you want to.

To download the graphic, just click on the thumbnail of the one you want, and once you are presented with the larger graphic you can right click and select “Save As.”

There are just a couple guidelines we ask you to follow in using the graphic:

  • Please do not alter the graphic in any way. Examples of this would be changing the proportions (stretching it out), changing the colour, or adding or removing components from the graphic.
    • You CAN, however, resize the graphic (as long as the proportions stay the same), add text beside it to clarify the award category you’re a finalist in, or put it on top of another image.
  • When you use the graphic, please clarify in which category you’ve won. For example, you might make a social media post that says “We are pleased to announce that we are the winner of “Best Production Home with Secondary Suite” at the 27th Annual Housing Excellence Awards – Saskatoon & Region.”

We also have EPS copies of the graphic available, along with an alternative graphic which you may customize with your award name located in Dropbox here. If you need assistance with a graphic, or can’t find what you’re looking for, please reach out to Marketing & Communications Manager Krystal Rudyk any time after February 14th.