Concrete 102 Seminar


9:00am – 3:00pm, March 4th in North Battleford

  1. Review of Concrete Basics
  2. Winter Concrete
  3. Hot Weather Concrete
  4. Concrete Curing Practices
  5. Review of CSA Concrete Classifications, a focus on Agricultural Concrete & the benefits of Concrete Plant Certification.
  6. Concrete Solutions & New technologies:
    1. Self-Consolidating Concrete
    2. High Performance Concrete
    3. Pervious Concrete
    4. Fast Track Concrete
    5. Sask C-2
  7. Safety topic- How to act and behave at the back of a mixer truck
  8. Admixtures & advanced
  9. Review of the take away points
  10. Questions & Closing

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