120B: Understanding and Working with the Passive House Planning Package (PHPP)

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Course description

Understanding and Working with PHPP will enable you to take on your first Passive House project. It provides step-by-step instruction for using the PHPP energy modelling software, which is essential for designing a Passive House building.

Participants will learn the structure, inputs and outputs of PHPP, and how to select appropriate climate data sets and record building measurements. The course includes modelling a sample Canadian project, where participants will assess building heat loss, energy demand and summertime overheating risk, as well as looking at the reliability of data sources and how design decisions impact the building energy demand.

Day 1

  • Introduction and overview of PHPP, treated floor areas and U-values for assemblies
  • Heat loss areas and thermal bridging calculations

Day 2

  • Ground calculations and energy implications
  • Window components and inputs, shading, ventilation volumes and airflow

Day 3

  • Heating demand and load, summer cooling requirements and ventilation
  • Domestic hot water energy, electrical and other energy demands, renewable energy (PER)

Recommended for

Those who will be directly involved in the design, construction and energy modelling of Passive House buildings, including architects, engineers and design professionals.

Anyone pursuing the Certified Passive House Designer/Consultant designation.

Prerequisites / required background knowledge

120A: Passive House Design and Construction, or equivalent

Laptop with Microsoft Excel or equivalent installed (PHPP is Excel based), mouse recommended

Area measurement software such as Autodesk Design Review (free) or Bluebeam Revu (free trial)

Although PHPP demonstration files will be provided for use during the course, we recommend you purchase the PHPP software prior to attending the course. The PHPP manual is provided with the purchase of the software and is useful in understanding all of the features. In addition, individuals wishing to write the Certified Passive House Designer/Consultant Exam are required to supply a valid PHPP registration number on the exam registration form. If you do not yet own a copy of PHPP, one can be purchased from our website here. Please allow at least one week for shipping.

Learning resources provided

  • Course manual
  • PHPP demonstration files
  • Digital copy of course slides

Course Instructors

The instructor for this course will be Michael Nemeth.

Professional development

Total number of learning hours: 21

SAA Core Learning Units: 16.25

APEG credits: self-reported

Cancellation and Refund Policy

Important: please read our refund policy, available in our Course and Exam FAQs page.


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