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A Message from Association CEO Chris Guerétte

Public debates can be tough when the narrative is so emotionally-charged and when one side is charging ahead like it is the sole owner of the truth. We could step in and push back, but at the end of the day, that’s not what our professional association is about.
Following this week’s events and comments in the news about Prompt Payment legislation, our Association will double-down on its commitment to genuine consultations and good public policy. Consulations should include actual listening, moving past over-simplified analogies and wishful thinking, and seeking and relying on expert advice. Our Association will double-down on its focus of working towards developing good policies based on sound statistics and a healthy public policy debate. Our Association will not develop policies based on analogies and emotional comments. We have differences in how we operate and who we represent, but there is always common ground, even if small. We all have a duty to debate any new policy or law coming into effect to ensure it will not create unintended harmful consequences.
While some may think there is a quick fix to challenges facing construction projects – the truth is there is no quick or easy fix.
Prompt payment as a concept is not new and is not at issue. Businesses being paid promptly is already woven into the Builders Lien Act in Saskatchewan and the provincial government is already committed to sound public policy for construction projects. Businesses being paid is not what is in question. What is in question is the details of the laws and regulations that govern contractual relationships. These details matter. And they shouldn’t be rushed because some want a quick fix and a simple solution to everyone who ever had a bad experience in construction. We congratulate our provincial government for all of their work so far and our hearts break for those who are experiencing financial hardship, especially during these unusual times.
Having commercial and industrial representation dictate standards for the housing industry is what is at stake. And contrary to claims, our professional association represents over 75% of the market share in both single and multi-family permits being pulled. This is most certainly not an underrepresentation.
Ethical conduct and continuous improvement in how we serve is so important to our Association which is why we publish our membership lists, we conduct negative assurance audits on businesses coming into our profession, we impose minimum standards on those businesses and we also publish the status of professional memberships on our website. I challenge anyone to verify how professional associations operate to represent their sector. When we say we represent over 250 companies, you can find out exactly who they are and what certifications they have. We are transparent to ensure the trust we build creates stronger cities, stronger growth, and a strong path towards reaching our collective potential.
So let’s set aside the bluster. And let’s get back to making sound public policies based on facts, statistics, and expert advice.