26th Annual Bridges Awards

Competition Now Open!

The Saskatoon & Region Home Builders’ Association is now accepting submissions for the 26th Annual Bridges Awards.

You can participant by completing an online submission form found on our Awards Platform. If you participated in the National Awards competition last year you will recognize the system because it is the same platform. The deadline to complete your submissions is November 3rd!

Where is the submission guide?

If you are asking yourself this question you should know we are doing things a little differently this year. All the preamble information for the awards can be found right here on this page. All of the submission content is available on the Awards Platform. Throughout the platform you will find content blocks with tips to assist you with your submission. You can even print off the submission questions on the Awards Platform making it easier for your team to prep your responses and simply copy and paste them into the text blocks.

Need Help?

If you require any assistance along the way we are here to help. Simply email jlamontagne@saskatoonhomebuilders.com

Notable changes for 2018

  • New Industry Awards: Environmental Stewardship & Safety Stewardship
  • New Marketing Award: Best Digital Campaign
  • New Customer Choice Awards
  • Members can now enter projects that have been completed anywhere within the SRHBA’s membership region. The Saskatoon CMA restriction has been removed.

Competition Details

Here is the information you would normally find at the beginning of the submission guide.


  1. NEW this year. Members can enter projects that have been completed anywhere within the SRHBA’s membership region.
  2. Entries submitted in previous years are not eligible for re-entry.
  3. You must be a member in good standing with the association to participate in the awards program.
  4. NEW this year there are no maximum entries per category
  5. The current Bridges Awards year is defined as November 1, 2016 to October 31, 2017. Entries must have been completed during this time frame to qualify.


A NEW fee structure has been introduced this year to reduce the cost required for increased amount of submissions.

$ 75 Each

5 or Less Submissions No Discount
$ 60 Each 6 – 10 Submissions 20% Discount
$ 45 Each 11 – 20 Submissions 40% Discount

Submission fees are non-refundable. Invoices will be issues following the submission deadline.


*** Indicates National equivalent award categories. Submission questions for these categories mirror the National Awards for Housing Excellence equivalent categories to make applying for both awards less time consuming. Please note: you are not required to win or be a finalist in the Bridges Awards to apply for a National Award.

Industry Awards                            

  1. Community Service Award
  2. Customer Service Award
  3. Environmental Stewardship
  4. Environmental Leadership in Housing
  5. Innovation of the Year
  6. New Home Salesperson of the Year
  7. Professional Service Award
  8. Safety Stewardship Award
  9. Safety Leadership in Housing

Marketing Awards

  1. Best Brochure/Kit***
  2. Best Digital Campaign***
  3. Best Print Ad ***

New Home Awards

  1. Best Custom Home under 1500 sq. ft.***
  2. Best Custom Home 1500 – 2200 sq. ft.***
  3. Best Custom Home over 2200 sq. ft.***
  4. Best Production Home up to 1300 sq. ft.***
  5. Best Production Home over 1300 sq. ft.***
  6. Best Production Home w/ Secondary Suite***

Multi-Family Project Awards

  1. Best Apartment-Style Project
  2. Best Mixed Use Multi-Family Project
  3. Best Townhouse Project (Up to 50 units)
  4. Best Townhouse Project (Over 50 units)

Design, Décor, and Renovation Awards

  1. Best Design Award
  2. Best Landscape Project Award
  3. Interior Decorating Award***
  4. Renovation of the Year – Kitchen***
  5. Renovation of the Year – Whole House***
  6. Renovation of the Year – Any Room

Association Awards 

Ambassador of the Year (2 Awards)

The Ambassador awards are presented to two individuals annually:

1) One award to a Builder Company Staff Member, Manager or Owner

2) One award to a Non-Builder Company Staff Member, Manager or Owner

The Ambassador Awards honour the legacy of those who create lasting change and measurable difference in our community, association, and the residential construction industry.

Customer Choice Awards (4 Awards – Participation Deadline is September 30th, 2017)

The Customer Choice Awards recognize Builder Members who best deliver the assurance of quality in providing goods and/or services as judged by the customers. This category is presented by the Saskatoon & Region Home Builders’ Association through a partnership with Avid Ratings.

Renovator of the Year (1 Award)

This award recognizes a Renovator Member for their exemplary professional standards in the renovation industry. To be eligible for this award Renovator Members MUST have submissions in the following categories: Professional Service, Safety Stewardship, Environmental Stewardship, Any Renovation Award Category

Home Builder of the Year (1 Award)

This award recognizes a Home Builder Member for their exemplary achievements in New Home Building, Community Service, Customer Service, Safe Work Practices and Environmental Leadership. To be eligible for this award Home Builders MUST have submissions in the following categories: Community Service, Professional Service, Environmental Leadership in Housing, Safety Leadership in Housing, New Home Awards (A minimum of 2 new home submissions are required in any new home award category)